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The Flat Belly Code

How About a Cup of Instant Weight Loss?

Everyone wants rapid weight loss. There are billions of dollars spent each year in the search for this holy grail. It’s possible, but really difficult to achieve. The real problem though is that when you get there it’s almost impossible to maintain. There is another way. A better way – but it means losing it slowly, but in doing so you discover a new way to eat that denies you nothing yet allows you to maintain your weight just where you want it.

Burn Fats Fast: Why Can’t I Seem to Lose Weight?

The most frustrating thing about maintaining your momentum for regular workout and healthy diet is not seeing any results and this could be the reason most people quit soon just after having started their weight loss program. I was at my hair stylist last Saturday where we were chatting casually and she bemoaned that she cannot seem to lose weight even after she started running for a month. She exclaimed that not only did she not manage to shed an ounce off her weight, she said the opposite holds true for her and she found her belly getting…

5 Golden Rules For Fast And Easy Weight Loss

Losing weight is not always easy, but if you follow these 5 golden rules, which involves proper planning and selection, you will be down to the size you want in no time! Read on to find out more…

Weight Lifting Equipment: Things You Must Know!

Weight lifting has become a big trend in today’s world. Men want to build up their body muscle to look better. Even women are starting to build up a little muscle to make their bodies look fit. They are looking for the best ways and weightlifting methods to lose that extra fat and gain a good body shape, all the time now.

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders!

There are many simple activities which you can perform to burn calories, besides spending long hours pumping out in the gym every single day. And the best part is, some of these activities will in fact, help you burn more calories than you think they can! In this article, you’ll find 7 easy ways to burn calories… many of them we’re sure you’ve never heard of in the past!

When Should I Start My Diet?

Changing the way feel about “going on a diet” could be the difference between failure and really losing the weight. Imagining yourself at your ideal weight is one of best ways to make it a reality. By making small changes to your everyday life, you can finally become the person you have already envisioned yourself to be. It is all the little things that add up to big weight loss.

3 Super-Duper Foods to Get Your Six Pack On Track

Ready to get that six pack finally? Are ya, are ya? The biggest part of getting that flat tummy is getting your diet in order. I’ll show you where to start.

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

How many times have you heard the phrase: “You Are What You Eat?” as the chances are good you have heard it at least once a week for the past 15 years but it is very true as renowned cardiologist Dr. William Davis demonstrates.

Lose Weight Everyday – ASAP (As Slim As Possible) Weight Loss

ASAP (As Slim As Possible) Weight loss. Lose Weight Everyday. ASAP stands for As Slim As Possible and is a dietary program to help you lose about 1 pound each day on average.

5 Reasons to Smash Your Scales (Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss)

Working within the fitness industry you tend to come across a lot of opinions that are quite misinformed to say the least. These can range from ideas on “which exercises work which muscles” and “should I eat before or after a session” right through to middle-aged men who think it’s totally acceptable to stroll around a gyms wearing cycling shorts (It’s not! the lunge is not a pretty sight!) But, standing above all of these is the king of misconceptions that really does need to be laid to rest once and for all. This monster of a misconception is that you should be aiming for “Weight Loss”.

Diets for Summer

People who are not ready to lose weight, tend to gain pounds during summer and this is why they must follow some dieting tips. Losing weight is not easy and it takes a lot of time, if you are not prepared.

Qnexa – The New Weight Loss Miracle Drug

Miracle drugs are generally only miracle drugs until the lawsuits start to come in. Miracle drugs only really get tested after approval when they are prescribed in their millions. There is no safe weight loss pill on the market. Every miracle weight loss drug has eventually been withdrawn because of serious side effects. The hamster wheel is about to run again as a new drug comes close to receiving approval and hits the market. When it does it will make $ billions for its manufacturer.

The Flat Belly Code

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